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News that series 7 of Game of Thrones has been delayed due to ‘sunny weather’ means we now have a little longer to wait to find out the latest goings on in Westeros. Will the Targaryans and their dragons reclaim the Iron Throne? Will the new ‘King of the North’ Jon Snow march on Kings Landing?

We will have to wait until summer 2017 to find out! In the meantime at Charltons Factory Outlet we have been wondering what range of furniture would suit each house. Just some thoughts...


House Stark- The Guardians of the North would no doubt be interested in our Industrial range. Crafted from reclaimed timbers and with iron handles our Industrial range has a warm weathered pine effect which would be perfect in the cold harsh winter of the North.

House Targaryan- With its golden waxed oak finish our Xandra range would not look out of place in Queen Daenerys Palace. With its simple yet effective craftwork and high attention to detail this furniture is definitely fit for a Queen.

House Lannister- For years the stately family of Westeros. Our Bretagne furniture with its grand oak tables and cabinets would fit in any great castle. With an array of paints and oil finishes our Bretagne range can be customised to any specification.

House Tyrell- With such colourful characters such as Margaery Tyrell our Lilli range would be a perfect fit. With the vast amount of paints and finishes for our Lilli range it would certainly furnish any room in Highgarden .


With many different ranges and styles available from Charltons we truly have something for everyone. You can contact Rich at our Outlet to find out what we currently have available. Call 01761 408028 or email cfo@charltonsfurniture.co.uk

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