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Here at Charlton's Furniture Outlet we are so excited to announce the release of our new Gift collection.

Ensure your home is filled with our array of new products, from homeware accessories for living and dining, to kitchen utensils. The range contains many stylish gifts for your family and friends.

Our stunning collection is just ideal to add a splash of simplicity, bringing inspiration for both elegant and botanical touches indoors. From recycled glass vase's, copper accessories, handmade ceramics, succulents  and more. Each gift provides a striking, organic and unique feel to inspire visions in ways to dress your home.

Combining a contemporary and classic design, we are providing invaluable solutions for lighting your home. From pendant lights to floor and table lamps, all create an ambience to sooth your needs. After a busy day at work you can come home knowing you will feel relaxed after positioning a new spotlight in your home.

You can add a new element or many when dressing your dining table. For any occasion add your own special touch, and join us in making the dining table the centre of celebrations. You can do this by combining our beautifully crafted ceramic dinner service and sheen cutlery sets. All of the sets, each distinctly differnent, from colour to design.

In particular the Shades Teak range of furniture pairs well with the classic cutlery set, accompanied by the delicate gold leaf wine glasses. They are crafted and painted with metal to create an refined effect. They both add a essential charactarisitc for the perfect home feel and make for hosting any dinner party. 

Flaunt an intese, empowering blue tone to embellish your interior with this deep blue vase. Display this alongside a dash of white ceramic accessories to complete this simple yet stunning look. 

The Shades Oak collection, features a fetchingly light tone, making it easy to dress with colours or neutral homeware. While holding a classic feel you can stay traditional or make it modern. Any hint of style can work. This fact is what makes this range so unique.

For an organicly modern look combine a brilliantly crafted Aloe Vera in a cement pot alongside two Khaki Jars to compliment the light oak finish of this sideboard. This creates a neutral feel yet tremendous statement of style. We love the earthy and modern looks achievable with our range of stoneware pots.

What's your interior style?

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