Sex Violence & Furniture

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In between the eye-gouging and scenes of sexual intimacy enough to make any grandmother blush, the runaway star of the current Wednesday night bodice-ripper on BBC 2’s Versailles is of course the furniture.

The carved and gilded wood furniture looks stunning. From mirrors, to chaises longues, beds and cabinets everything looks sumptuous. They were there to show off the wealth and power of Louis XIV. How comfortable the chairs are to actually sit on we shall probably never know. No visitor has been allowed to actually test the furniture comfort factor at Versailles for a very long time indeed.


Of all the furniture that is on show every Wednesday evening, it is of course the cabinets that take the breath away. I suppose that this is to be expected of somewhere that employed a Royal Cabinet Maker. The lacquers using gold, marble agate and silver are truly breath-taking.

The good news is that several centuries on, cabinets are still a ‘must-have’ piece of furniture in most households. We may not use marble or silver at our workshops, but our Bretagne Collection still leads the market. Pop on down to see the great bargains available at our Furniture Factory Outlet.

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We are also a lot easier to get to than Versailles.

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