The Secret Is Out...

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How has our Furniture Factory Outlet grown so quickly in only a few months, built on the edge of the Westfield Trading Estate where much of the passing traffic are local dog-walkers heading for the nearly fields?

Like every other savvy new business, we make the most of social media, adverts in the local press and many other marketing tools.

As far as possible we also track the new customers who walk through our door. When we ask them how they found out about us and what persuaded them to look us up, the most common response is word of mouth.

Some things never change. If someone has found a cabinet at a fraction of the price they would normally have to pay, they want to share the news with their mates, colleagues and family members.

Rumours, recommendations and word of mouth-this is what makes us. Find out for yourself why so many have been spreading the secret of the great Furniture Factory Outlet on the Westfield Trading Estate....

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