Charltons Furniture Care Information


Our Matt Oil finish

Monocoat oils are a bit special, that’s why we picked them. They offer increased durability compared to other oils, benefits include water repellant helping to repel water and other household liquids for a time. It is still important to ensure all spills are cleaned up quickly.

This is all achieved through the clever technology used that allows the oil to penetrate the timbers surface and bonds with each wood fibre at a molecular level. The special waxes within help to repel stains and marks without creating a barrier so the wood can still look natural

To clean follow the same guidelines as our water based lacquer (above).

We also recommend the Monocoat Soap for regular cleaning, and the refresher oil to bring your finish back to new which should be applied every 12-24 months.

Our Water based Lacquered finish

Lacquer is a strong and resilient finish which adds a surface of protection to your tops. To keep it in the best condition it’s important to ensure all spills are cleaned up quickly, whether its water or that sneaky takeaway you treated yourself to.

To clean after use please use a small amount of warm water and a clean cloth, ensure the cloth is damp not wet. Please remove any excess water after with a clean dry cloth.

All our furniture is made from natural materials and its important to understand some of the characteristics of these materials and what can affect them.


As with most woods, the hardwoods used in our products will react to their environment, specifically temperature and humidity which in the modern home will change through the seasons. As the products adapt to their environment the wood will shrink and expand as necessary.


Oak is a beautiful timber and has been used for Centuries with a strong heritage in the UK, fashioned by nature you will find that grains, knots and colouring will vary on each piece making it unique.

Movement in the timber frames can cause hairline cracking on painted products between joints, this is all part of the product responding to its environment

Maintaining your product

We’d recommend that you avoid leaving anything on the surfaces for long periods of time especially if your furniture is exposed to direct sunlight. This should help you avoid any marks or rings appearing on the furniture. We also recommend that place mats are used especially with any warm objects.