Charltons Product details

For a well-built product you have to start by using good quality material.

Therefore, we only use quality hardwoods to ensure you don’t experience any staining from sap or knots falling out, while allowing a smooth finish with minimum grain appearance (But it is still wood and each piece will be slightly different).

We know it is important to ensure stability in large panels, we ensure this by using a hardwood plywood.

All Materials are carefully sourced to ensure our furniture complies with EUTR, meaning you can relax knowing the timber is ethically and sustainably sourced to benefit the future of our forests.

Then ensure it is constructed and assembled the best way possible.

Wood is a natural material so its important to work with traditional techniques when constructing furniture that have been mastered over 100’s of years.

For strength and stability, we use mortice and tenon joints in our hardwood frames on the tops of our tables and the frames of all our cabinets. Dovetail joints are used on all drawers to help them stay strong for a lifetime of use.

Finally, we finish the product in one of our environmentally friendly and hardwearing finishes,

Whether you pick a paint or a lacquer these are both water based finishes which mean they are easier to repair and friendlier to use. Other benefits also include no chemical smells in your house, longer lasting protection and better UV protection to help fight the effects of the sun.

Natural Monocoat Oil is no ordinary oil, this is why we don’t just call it an oil. To achieve the durable protection this finish offers, it bonds with the wood fibres at a molecular level unlike any traditional oils or waxes. As well as being the first oil to be VOC free.

It increases the natural resistance of the wood to help it stand up to spills, marks and scuffs. Put simply, it makes life better for your furniture, and hopefully for you too.

It is easy to maintain, highly durable and water-repellant. It doesn’t contain any water or solvents and is based on natural ingredients so that it’s completely safe to use and environmentally friendly. But most importantly it looks great…

Oh we nearly forgot…

Don’t worry about the packaging, we have ensured that it is carefully packed to protect it while its being delivered to you.

All our packaging material is cardboard so is 100% recyclable.