Nathan Furniture Care Information

Quality & Care

Built with love, 
for you to love

The materials and craftsmanship that go into making a piece of Nathan furniture ensure that with loving care it will last for generations. Preserving and enhancing the finish of the pieces in your collection is straight forward.

We use a combination of solid wood and natural wood veneers which means that no two pieces of furniture are the same, due to the beauty of natural grains and tones inherent in real wood. Each piece has its own unique character and variation in colouring.

With exposure to light , all natural wood will mellow in colour. Therefore new items may be a different shade to older items, but over time the shades will blend together. Due to this effect it is important that for the first few months any objects placed onto a top surface are moved around and that dining tables are kept extended to ensure an even mellowing.

To keep your furniture in good condition, all we recommend is dusting with a clean dry duster. Please make sure that there are no fine particles in the duster and try to work with the grain of the wood. An occasional wipe with a clean damp cloth and a very mild soap solution will remove any grease marks. Dry off immediately with a dry duster. Proprietary sprays, polishes and oils should never be used as they will damage the surface and cannot be removed. Silicone aerosols can be particularly damaging.

Care should be taken with wet and hot items, particularly plates and cups as these can mark the surface even through a table cloth.  For good protection we recommend the use of a good quality felt backed table mats. Any spillage should be removed immediately.

Furniture will endure most of the temperature changes in a modern home although we do recommend positioning away from the direct heat of a radiator or fire.

For further advice and queries please do not hesitate to contact our Sales Office on 0203 058 4280.